The Ortonville Cemetery will:
Help you select a grave site or a Columbarium Niche
Sell graves
Sell Columbarium Niches
Sell and pour foundations for headstones
Provide Interned Veterans with Memorial Day Flags
Sell and engrave Memorial Stones
Have Columbarium Niche Outer Doors engraved

The Ortonville Cemetery in conjunction with Funeral Homes will:
Open and close the grave site
Set and seal the vault
Provide Tents (if requested) for grave side services
Provide our Chapel for non-grave side services

The Ortonville Cemetery will maintain the cemetery grounds by:
Cutting the grass
Trimming around headstones
Trimming bushes and trees
Collecting trash,dead flowers,etc from the grounds
Maintain the buildings
Clear snow from the Cemetery roads
Salt the Cemetery roads as necessary
Seed grave sites when they are opened and closed
Please see our Pricing page for all service rates and/or fees

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Prices deemed reliable, but subject to change.