Rules and Regulations

Planting will be allowed on the east side of the monument. There is a maximum of
2 feet for the monument and planting. (See below) Flowers may be real or
artificial. Landscaping with stones and/or fences is not  Permitted. Trees or
shrubs shall be approved by the Sexton before planting. Any shrub, tree, or
broken, damaged urns and vases or items that  are unsightly to the cemetery
may be removed by the Sexton.

Spring clean up will be on or about The 1st of April each year. Anything you may
wish to save Should be removed by that date. No person shall leave refuse on
the grounds, except in receptacles Provided.  No person shall break, destroy or
deface any tree, shrubs or other property of the association or it’s members.  No
person shall cause any damage while on the grounds. Any violators will be
required to pay for the damage and/or prosecuted under the Provisions of
Michigan Law.       

The cemetery holds no liability against theft or damage. The grave owners
Homeowners Insurance Policy may cover anything stolen or damaged.  The
cemetery holds no liability for plants or trees that may be damaged when
digging a grave.


A parade and celebration is held annually on Memorial Day. Members of  the
VFW are in charge of planning the ceremonies. Small 12" x 18" flags are
purchased by the VFW and Groveland Township and place on each veterans
grave by the VFW.

Large 3' x 5' flags are placed along the roadways by the VFW and volunteers.
These flags area flown on Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day. These flags
are purchased by the families of veterans through the Office of Dale Kildee in
Washington, D. C.

For large flag information and /or ordering
contact the Cemetery Secretary
Sections H & J

Engraving on door fronts shall be completed by the Cemetery's Engraver. Font Size,
name, date and specified emblems must be approved by the Cemetery.

Flowers and shrubs on the grounds around the Columbarium site shall be the
responsibility of the Cemetery.  There shall be NO OTHER personal decorations &/or
notes permitted on the Columbarium site, or attached in anyway to the Columbarium.

**Donations can be made to the maintaining of the Columbarium  flowerbed's.  These
sites will be the responsibility of the Cemetery.